For more than a century, Swarovski® has been the world's leading supplier of the finest Crystal products available. Commitment to quality, innovation and value continues today in the family owned Swarovski® factory based in the Austrian Alps.

Since its inception in 1997, Princess Ring jewelry has contained Swarovski sapphires only, and no cheap imitations.

Swarovski® continues their tradition of providing customers with the highest quality jewelry components, producing eye-catching brillance through a wide spectrum of colors consistent through every size and shape.
The purity of the crystal is the key to creating optimum clarity in
each piece.
Machine cutting and polishing insures that the facets are perfectly cut at precise angles. This ensures the best dispersion of light through the piece.
All stones and beads must pass through the uncompromising quality control department at the Swarovski® factory.
Swarovski® continues to follow the company motto, "To constantly improve what is good". First spoken by company founder Daniel Swarovski, these words guide the movement of the company towards being on the cutting edge of technology and fashion.
The research department is constantly working to develop new ways to perfect their cutting technology that best reflects as much light as possible.
Swarovski® collaborates with the top fashion design teams from all over the world, developing new products to meet their creative needs.
This unique combination of technology and design make Swarovski® the leader in both of these areas by providing customers with new cuts, designs and colors that reflect the forecast for the fashion and design markets.
Swarovski® is the number one name in Crystal. Their name stands out in many products such as jewelry, textile enhancements, giftware, ornaments, design features, and lighting architecture.
Swarovski® crystal will not lose any of its brilliance over time. The precision and clarity of the material will not deteriorate.
A commitment to producing the best quality goods for the best value, shipped in the best protected and branded packaging in the market.
Swarovski® places advertisements in leading publications so that consumers understand the importance of and will ask for, the brand name Swarovski®.
With a rich and productive history, the Swarovski® organization has brought itself into the future by contributing to a wide variety of trends and fashions.
1895 Daniel Swarovski took his revolutionary method of stone cutting to Wattens, Austria to take advantage of the clean water power of the Alpine rivers.
The company quickly grows and improves as it develops into an international concern.
1931 Textile Trimmings are introduced into the marketplace.
1937 Glass reflectors for road and railway safety are developed.
1948 Swarovski® Optics division is founded for binoculars and telescopic sights.
1955 The unveiling of a revolutionary new crystal coating called Aurora Borealis.
1965 Production begins on a line of crystal chandelier parts.
1967 Swarovski® applies their stone cutting experience to cutting synthetic stones including cubic zirconia.
1975 Hot Fix technology is developed to produce "iron on jewelry" with transfers for the textile trade.
1976 Swarovski® introduces its crystal gift line making finished goods for the consumer market.
1977 Swarovski® introduces its first jewelry line.
1987 The foundation of the Swarovski® Collectors Sociey is established.
1995 Swarovski® celebrates it centenary with the opening of Swarovski® Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria, celebrating the magic of crystal.
1997 Crystal Mesh is launched as the first Crystal Fabric.
1999 Crystal Tattoos are developed as body jewelry with a pioneering hypo-allergenic skin adhesive.
2003 Swarovski® retail shops open worldwide.

2007 Schonbeck Wolrdwide Lighting Inc., a leading specialist in the design and production of exquisite crystal chandeliers, lights, and lighting systems, becomes a part of the Swarovski® company.

Within the expanded field of crystal, Swarovski® develops products that have no established themselves as independent brands:
• Precision optical instruments (SWAROVSKI OPTIK)
• Grinding and dressing tools (Tyrolit)
• Road safety products (Swareflex)

Today More than a century later the company is still in family hands and growing, guided by their founder's philosophy of keeping the highest standards of quality, innovation and value, while attending to the preservation of the environment.