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Solid sterling silver, large and heavy (nearly a half an ounce in weight and an entire inch square!) just like Princess Diana's original, with a massive 9-carat Austrian Swarovski crystal sapphire surrounded by fourteen sparking flawless zirconia diamonds. Also available in a mini ring for smaller hands.
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Made of the same solid sterling silver, 6-carat Swarovski sapphire and 8 zirconia diamonds to match the ring. Available for both pierced ears, and clip.

The same dramatic Choker that Princess Diana wore when she dazzled at the White House and danced with John Travolta, also in solid sterling silver, natural color faux pearls, 9-carat Swarovski sapphire, and not one but two rows of 34 zirconia diamonds. Available in both 7- and 4-strand versions.
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Pendant / combination Pin/Brooch
A versatile combination pendant and pin or brooch that Princess Diana wore on formal occasions, created here of solid sterling silver, 9-carat Swarovski sapphire, and two rows of 34 zirconia diamonds, with a solid sterling silver 18" heavy chain.

Talking Doll
A limited edition doll no longer available anywhere else in the world that brings Princess Diana alive with carefully selected recordings of her timeless statements over the years.
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