Since 1997, All Princess Ring Jewelry is Hand Crafted entirely in the U.S., of solid sterling silver, Austrian Swarovski crystal sapphire and the finest flawless zirconia diamonds, and is made the same size as the Originals. Please do not be fooled by competing jewelry that is much smaller, much lighter, and not made as exactingly as ours.

It is now the 20th anniversary of the passing of Princess Diana. Mark her memorial with a piece of timeless classic Princess Diana jewelry.

iana, Princess of Wales, selected her $63,000. sterling silver diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring from a tray because "it was the biggest." And 29 years later, her son Prince William placed his mother's ring on his betrothed, Kate Middleton.

Now you can recapture the magic moment when Diana became Princess of Wales, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will someday become a Princess with a meticulously crafted reproduction of Diana's engagement ring in solid sterling silver, same as the original, with 14 dazzling zirconia diamonds (over 3 carats) and a 9-carat Swarovski crystal sapphire.

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