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Princess Diana's engagement ring
Princess Diana selected her oval sapphire ring surrounded by 14 diamonds from the royal crown jewelers Garrard because "it was the biggest."  Interestingly though, the ring was not custom made, and was made of sterling silver, not even gold or platinum.

From the Washington Post, June 13, 1981:
<<Meanwhile, Gerrards, Ltd., of London has announced that it's selling
reproductions of Lady Diana's sapphire and sterling silver engagement ring
for $49.50 -- down slightly from the original's cost of $63,000. >>

"sapphire and sterling silver" refers to the original ring, not the

From the many photographs of Princess Diana with her sapphire ring, one may estimate the size of the oval and thus the carat weight of the stone as in the range of 5 to 9 carats. Steve Voynick on page 163 of the 1995 edition of his book Yogo The Great American Sapphire gives the weight of the stone as 9 carats.

In 2010, the ring was handed down by Prince William, to his fiancee Catherine Middleton, who became the Duchess of Cambridge, which ignited interest in the ring anew.

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